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The Centre for Studies in Communication Sciences (CESCOM) is the present outcome of over twenty-year experience of theoretical study, experimental and applied research in communication psychology, psychology of emotion, and cross-cultural psychology.

The e-VITA project is inviting schools and other interested institutions and centres to join their exploitation network:
e-VITA games can be used free of charge: let us know how you integrate them in your activities and what results you get!
Collaborate to the e-VITA project!!!

Two e-Twinning schools have already used our serious games and are keen on translating content into French:


Liceo Francesco Cecioni, Livorno,Italia
Marina Marino

Prof. Marino has given us some information and comments about her use of e-VITA games in the classroom and students’ responses. Listen to the audio file (in Italian) or read the English translation.

"Could you describe how you introduced Serious Games in the classroom? Is it correct to say that you used informal learning techniques introducing them in a formal process?"

Part One

English translation

Part Two

English translation


Lycée Iroise,Brest,France
Monsieur Jean Michel Le Baut

e-VITA presented in eTwinning: http://twinblog.etwinning.net/25303/