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Period: the stories should not go further back than the 60s (the project is definitely not looking for stories that have to do with the war!).

Topic: 4 macro-categories for the games were identified:

  • Tourism: Travelling in Europe and hosting tourists. It would be very interesting to get both perspectives: from the guest and from the host.
  • Working: Business trips and migration: travelling for business is not the same as travelling for tourism, and settling in another country gives a far deeper insight in traditions and culture.
  • Recreation: For young adults and teenager a world without mobile phones, Internet, Computers is unthinkable. Before the information and communication revolution other ways of recreation, meeting people, exchange with others were usual. “How was my social life as I was a teenager?”, “How were social contacts taking place?”, “How were communication and meetings organised?”.
  • East and west block: Experiences from a divided Europe. In countries like Poland or Germany the European divide was observable every day. The contacts between East and West Europe were often a complicated challenge, and often experienced as a contact to a different, an ”outlandish world”.


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