Serious Games

Serious Games are interactive game based simulations of situations in which the user/player takes an active part. The closer these scenarios are to reality, the more valuable the experience is, as it can quickly be transferred into real business or life situations.

The information and sensations experienced remain strongly impressed, allowing the players to refine their perception, attention and memory, so facilitating changes in behaviour via so-called learning-by-doing. Serious games thus become useful tools for:
  • Company training;
  • Educational and awareness-raising campaigns;
  • Marketing;
  • Promotional activities;
  • Social campaigns.

How did Serious Games come into being

In 2003 a group of training specialists and some video gaming industries met to face the new challenges of training: prompt responses to new market challenges and the abandonment of obsolete tools and processes are imperative for all companies to remain competitive. The "Serious Games Foundation" was created and envisaged Serious Games as the solution for the military, for the healthcare sector and for situations characterized by change.

By combining the interaction and involvement of games with objectives that go beyond simple entertainment, Serious Games were identified as the solution to educate, train and inform in an effective and incisive manner. Cutting across different sectors, Serious Games have been experimented and are in the meantime appreciated in education, in cultural heritage, in communication as they can potentially be used for very different goals.